Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do you Day Trade?

Play the Auction House like a boss!

So, I was looking at my old desktop the other day and wondering what to do with it instead of just letting it sit and gather dust.  I’ve had it for more than ten years now and it just can’t keep up with modern games anymore.  And then the idea struck me!  I can use it to “day trade” on WoW!  Read on past the jump for details.

With the Remote Auction House now free, players can trade on the auction house from their smart phones and even their web browsers.  This is where playing like a day trader comes in.  Take a look at the screenshot below.  With my old desktop set up like this, I can use Wowuction and The Undermine Journal to hunt for great deals and snipe them when the time is right.  Just today I was able to turn 12 silver into 75 gold by sniping Plans: Mithril Shield Spike.

So how do you set it up?  For The Undermine Journal, I just set my page to the Great Deals page and refresh it about every half hour or hour.  For Wowuction, I like to set up my brokers to alert me if there are any really good deals out there and then I’ll watch the Bargain Hunter page until a broker alerts me to something else.  If I find a great deal, I just go to my web based Remote Auction House, search for the item, verify the price and buyout (or bid if the bid is just ridiculously low).  This method lets me continue to play and level my characters without having to camp at the Auction House.  And it turns out to be very profitable!

The Gold Queen posted a great video guide on how to use Wowuction for those of you who aren’t familiar.  The Undermine Journal is relatively easy to use although it has a ton of information and functionality if you dig.  For the purposes of this post, however, all you’ll need from The Undermine Journal is the latest great deals that they post.

If you don’t know where to go for the web based Remote Auction House, just go to the World of Warcraft homepage, click on the arrow next to your name on your character tab on the upper right hand side of the screen, then click the icon that looks like a money bag (if you hover your mouse it says “View auctions”).

Now you’re all set to day trade in WoW!  Happy sniping!

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