Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ships Full of Gold Making Landfall!

Ok, maybe it's not ships full of gold, but there are huge opportunites to make money in this new patch and you should be excited about it!  From the new Brawler's Guild to Battle-Stones, there's a lot of money to be had.  Read on for more detaiils.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Power Leveling for Guilds

Jim’s reply to his reader at Power Word: Gold regarding Guild Banks for storage got me to thinking about power leveling guilds.  Now, let me start there are a couple of caveats to put this post into practice and I’ll cover them in just a bit.  But this may be a good way to get your guild leveled to at least level three and maybe further.  What I’m going to show you is how to get at least twice the amount of guild XP in the same amount of time.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bid Wars

Not so long ago, in an Azeroth not far away…

It is a period of divided Pandaren.  Noob Kobolds, striking from their hidden smartphones, have staked their claim against the Gold Goblin Cartels. 




This text is getting really small. 

Can you still read this?  If so, congratulations your eyes work.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top Ten Reasons for an Alt

When I first started playing World of Warcraft I thought, "Man leveling one character is hard enough, I would never level another!"  But then as I got into endgame play, I found that having another character or multiple characters can make the game more fun, if only to break the monotony of always tanking or always healing.  So, I started an alt.  I'm really thankful to Blizzard though for providing the perk system which really helps with leveling.  If you're one of the nay-sayers who still doesn't have an alt or if you're a gold goblin looking to maximize your profits, read on past the jump to find out why having an alt is not just a good idea but a great idea!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do you Day Trade?

Play the Auction House like a boss!

So, I was looking at my old desktop the other day and wondering what to do with it instead of just letting it sit and gather dust.  I’ve had it for more than ten years now and it just can’t keep up with modern games anymore.  And then the idea struck me!  I can use it to “day trade” on WoW!  Read on past the jump for details.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Don't Get Caught Doing This At Work!

Cold’s Gold Blogging Carnival:  Don’t Get Caught Doing This at Work!

Wazzup?  With the WoW mobile armory now free for all, many people may find themselves on the moral grey line of trading while at work.  The mobile armory can be a great tool.  Read on past the jump to find out why and how you should be using this gadget on your coffee break.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So Many Points, So Little Time

Sell em while you got em!
Blizzard recently announced that Valor and Conquest Points would be converted to Justice Points and Honor Points.  Since these points are capped at 4k, if you are above the cap, you should use your points in the next two weeks in order to avoid a reduced pay off.  Read on past the jump for details.

Perk Me Up

When starting out on World of Warcraft, regardless of your end goal, your first goal should be to level. There are a couple of perks WoW has built in to help you level but unless you have already leveled a character or know how to obtain these perks it can be challenging.  Read on past the jump to for easy ways to obtain these.

Step Right Up!

Step right up!  Darkmoon Faire is here and there is a lot for a Gold Goblin to profit from.  To profit, you’re gonna want tickets.  Read on past the jump to find out how to get the most tickets possible and other ways to profit from DMF.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Do you have the right Addons?

A List of Addons to help you on your way to WoW riches.

Here I have compiled my list of suggested addons to help you hoard your massive stash of gold.  The links to their Curse download pages are provided for your convenience.  I also have an Addon Pack you can download at Curse where you can get them all (Pokemon anyone?).  These are just the ones that I have found that I like through many trials and errors.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Impending Pet Market Crash

The Impending Pet Market Crash

With the looming release of Mists of Pandaria, many of us have seen or even taken part in the profitable pet business.  It has been great to buy pets from vendors like Donni Anthania and flipping them on the opposite faction or neutral auction houses for ten times their vendor price.  But I’m afraid this may come to a screeching halt with the new patch.  Read on past the jump to find out why.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Four Easy Steps to Set Up a Profitable WoW Business

There are many examples of making gold in World of Warcraft based on real life examples.  The most common are just selling your wares that are profitable or buying low and selling high on the Auction House (aka Flipping).  Then there are some examples that display “out-of-the-box” thinking, like selling crafting kits by stockpiling and then advertising on your server’s forums.

The later idea got me thinking… I have an uncle (IRL) who makes a ton of money running a pawn shop.  People come to him for loans giving him stock as collateral and if they don’t pay he resells it.  People also just sell stuff to him because they are pretty well guaranteed that he’ll buy it.  So, what if someone set up an in-game pawn shop?  Read on past the jump to see how it works.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's make sweet, sweet profit together

A little bit about Candlefly’s Gold Adventures

Who am I?

Welcome, friend!  I’m Candlefly!  My user decided to create me for the Mists of Pandaria Launch.  He wanted to start fresh and put what he knows (or dosen’t know) to the test.  He had been playing World of Warcraft since the Burning Crusade expansion on private servers (Amateur!).  He finally went legit when Wrath of the Lich King came out and a friend convinced him that legit was better than private servers.  My user finally wised up!  He created some lame Blood Elf Paladin that he leveled to 80 during Wrath (Who could blame him?  Goblins weren’t playable then).  When Cata came out, my user’s friend quit because of Druid HoTs getting nerfed, he switched realms and factions and leveled another Paladin from scratch up to level 85.  He started a few alts and finally found that there is so much more to WoW than Paladins.