Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Impending Pet Market Crash

The Impending Pet Market Crash

With the looming release of Mists of Pandaria, many of us have seen or even taken part in the profitable pet business.  It has been great to buy pets from vendors like Donni Anthania and flipping them on the opposite faction or neutral auction houses for ten times their vendor price.  But I’m afraid this may come to a screeching halt with the new patch.  Read on past the jump to find out why.

So, with the new patch enabling account wide pets and mounts, many people will soon no longer need these pets that are so easy to obtain.  Much the same way that the Glyphs market slumped after the last patch, the most common pets will lose their value as more and more people obtain them.  This means that the opportunistic Gold Goblin should seize the moment right now and sell as many as they have. 

Once you’ve sold the easily obtainable, it is probably a better investment of your time and energy to farm the more rare pets like Tiny Crimson Whelpling or Disgusting Oozeling or, if you’re really daring, Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw).  For one, these pets are more valuable because of their rarity and I believe that their price will increase because of their rarity and the fact that pets will be account wide (i.e. one pet now actually equals about ten per server since you can have ten characters on any given server).

You can also try your hand in selling Trading Card Game (TCG) pets for real money.  I have seen a price spike in these since the announcement of account wide pets and the pet battle system.  If you have any of these lying around or if you can obtain the TCG decks fairly cheaply and want to roll the dice, there is real money to be made in these right now.

For those of you who are like me and are trying to get Nuts, Brilliant Kaliri and the Celestial Dragon before they are removed, may I suggest that you concentrate on only learning pets on one character.  That will allow you to save money by concentrating your efforts and all your pets will go account wide in the new patch.  That’s all as long as Blizzard doesn’t change how things are supposed to work.  Paths of the Titans anyone?


  1. Nuts, Brilliant Kalari, Celestial Dragon, etc. are not being removed. Their respective achievements have just been moved to the 'Pet Battles' tab under 'Collect'.

    1. Thanks for the correction, Charlie. I had read that these would be removed after patch 5.0.4 but I'm glad they're not cause I would like to get them. I'll post and let everyone know when I finally get that achievement. Cheers!