Friday, August 24, 2012

Do you have the right Addons?

A List of Addons to help you on your way to WoW riches.

Here I have compiled my list of suggested addons to help you hoard your massive stash of gold.  The links to their Curse download pages are provided for your convenience.  I also have an Addon Pack you can download at Curse where you can get them all (Pokemon anyone?).  These are just the ones that I have found that I like through many trials and errors.

If you don’t run a high-end machine, you may find that too many addons cause your load times to be a few seconds longer than you would like.  Addons can also cause lag issues when they are trying to gather info from the server, like when talking to a vendor or opening your bags.  This is really frustrating, especially when you find a rare spawn vendor like Lil’ Timmy in Stormwind who has a limited supply item and someone beats you to it because your game lagged.  Don’t let lag come between you and 250+ gold!  A great addon to figure out which addons are causing lag is Addon Profiler.  This addon will run for a specified period of time and monitor your CPU and memory usage.  It’s really easy to use and really handy for keeping your game running at optimum.

So without further ado, on with the list!

Auction house related:

Auctionator:  This is a great addon.  Many consider it the successor of Auctioneer.  And almost every serious Gold Goblin has this addon.  It adds a new buy and sell tab to your auction menu.  On the buy tab, you can search for items in a number of ways, by type, item level, character level or just name, just to name the most common.  You can also create shopping lists for those commonly bought items such as crafting mats or transmog gear.  On the sell tab, you can post auctions and when you place an item in the interface to post, it will return a search for current items of the same name.  If you have a database built up, it will also show you a history of that item’s postings (this is the default return if there are none of that particular item currently posted).  It also has an “other” tab which will show you prices based on other addons such as The Undermine Journal (more on that great little guy in a minute).  Bottom line, Auctionator is a great little addon that can be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. 

Auctioneer:  I mentioned this little guy above.  Although he is not as high ranked as he once was, Auctioneer still has some great features.  My favorite, and probably the main reason why I keep this guy around, is that it allows you to change the way auctions are displayed on the default page.  I have mine configured to show a single line for each auction and the icons are smaller so I can see more auctions at once instead of having to scroll incessantly.  There are a ton of other features you can configure for Auctioneer, but most of those can also be done in Auctionator or Trade Skill Master (TSM).  A lot of Gold Goblins have moved away from this guy, but I still like him.

Trade Skill Master:  TSM is the most complex and powerful auction related addon I have found.  I’m sure I make it more difficult than it is.  And the truth is, I have only scratched the surface of what it can do.  One of my short term goals is to learn how to properly set this addon up and use it to its fullest potential.  I think the main purpose of this addon, though, is to maximize your profit from your crafting skills.  Basically what it does is scan the auction house, determine what things are selling for and then post your auctions based on that and a few rules that you set up.  For instance say you want to sell a Netherweave Bag at the best price you can.  TSM will scan for other Netherweave Bags and then post yours at an undercut price you specify.  If someone is selling them for a ridiculous price, say 5 gold, you have a no-lower-than price to keep you from posting below your profit threshold.  If no one has any posted, TSM will post at your fallback price to maximize your profits.  The other downside is that it has ELEVEN modules that it needs in order to maximize its functionality (note, only the first seven of these are necessary with the main TSM addon, the rest are just nice to have).  If You want more info, the website for TSM is  Jim Younkin also has a great TradeSkillMaster Video Tutorial at PowerWord:Gold.

The Undermine Journal GE:  This is another of my favorite addons.  I have seen too many times where people have posted an item way below or way above what it is actually worth.  I’m sure you can see the problem with that.  The Undermine Journal is actually a site similar to WoWuction.  These sites regularly scan the auction house data for every realm and post trending prices.  The great thing about The Undermine Journal addon, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, is that it gives you access to that data in game!  That’s right, a little tooltip is added to an item’s default tooltip that tells you the market’s latest price, the market average, the standard deviation and more.  This is extremely helpful in determining whether you should auction an item or vendor it.
Mysales:  This addon allows you to track your sales by scanning your mail as you receive money from the auction house.  A lot of Gold Goblins use this to track their income and see where they are successful and where they are wasting time or money.

Profession related:

Gatherer:  This is a great addon for those of you who are farmers.  I like to pair this with GatherMate and Routes in order to maximize my time farming.  This addon basically remembers the coordinates for nodes and displays them on your minimap, map and with a heads-up-display (if you have the HUD enabled).

Gathermate:  Or GatherMate2 rather.  This addon is a must have for anyone who is a miner or herbalist.  And with this addon, the more friends you have, the better.  What it does is pretty similar to Gatherer as far as displaying nodes, but the better part of it is the GatherMate_Sharing module.  This module allows you to receive collection nodes from your friends and guild mates who also have it installed.  What that means for you is if you’re in a guild or have a friend who is much higher level than you, their collections in say Firelands will be fed to you so you will have fresh data when you finally get to the level where you can collect in those areas.  Also, GatherMate2_Data automatically updates you with nodes every couple of weeks (or however often it’s updated).

Routes:  This is another addon I highly recommend for farmers.  This addon takes data from Gatherer and GatherMate and creates routes for you on your world map and minimap.  You can also configure it to avoid areas (taboos) that you can’t handle at your level or if you don’t think certain areas are worth the time to venture into for a single node.

Ackis Recipe List:  If you’re a completionist, this addon is for you!  This addon scans the recipes you currently know and tells you which ones you are missing and where to find them.  As far as where to find them, I’ve found it’s easier sometimes to just cruise over to WoWhead and search for the recipe instead of trying to figure it out from ARL.  But nonetheless, this is a great addon, especially if you’re looking for that niche market to craft for.

Panda:  Did someone see this next expansion coming or what?  This addon is great for automating mundane multiple clicks or button presses to get a job done.  “It dices!  It slices!  It even makes Julianne fries!  It will not break!  It will not break!  It broke.  *frown*”  But really, it can mill, disenchant, prospect, cut, make ink, and more!  And with just one click!  You simply open up the Panda GUI (by default it goes to the profession you know) and then you just click on the raw mat, say Obsidium Ore, to prospect or mill or disenchant or whatever.  Much simpler than writing a Macro or clicking multiple times to get your job done.

ForceEnchant:  This is a great addon for enchanters who hate clicking multiple times.  Say you have a low level enchant that you need to craft and you don’t want to waste Enchanting Vellums cause you know that the enchant won’t sell well on the auction house and you don’t want to waste your time posting it, enter ForceEnchant.  This guy will automatically say yes to the annoying warning message that pops up “Do you want to replace blah blah with blah blah?”  You’re still left with the annoying pop up window, but you can ignore that as you enchant over and over until your heart bursts with skill leveling joy.  Can you tell I’m a fan of pressing as few buttons as I can get away with?  Time is money, friend!

Advanced Trade Skill Window:  This is a replacement GUI for the default Blizzard trade skill window.  It features a queue for creating items, a search function, and filters for either sorting by skill level or by your own groups.  It also has a feature to only display the items you can craft with the mats that you have.  Also, it can buy reagents for you from vendors with just one click.

LilSparky’s Workshop:  This addon is pretty handy in getting a quick overview of what craftable items might be worth selling on the auction house.  It uses data from Auctioneer or Auctionator and tells you how much you could get for an item as well as how much the mats cost you to produce said item.  A lot of this functionality is included in TradeSkillMaster, but I like LilSparky’s because it seems easier to get an overview on your skills without having to set up a new group in TSM.

Loot related:

AtlasLoot Enhanced:  This is a great addon for trying to figure out where your next great piece of gear is going to come from.  It has a filter to sort dungeons by expansion and then you can browse through each dungeon and their respective bosses to see the possible drops.  This is also handy if you want to try to farm BOE epics or TransMog gear.

Bagnon:  I like this little guy because it gets rid of the multiple bag windows that are the Blizzard default and just gives you a clean single window for all your bags.  it also has a search option to search for items in your bags and the option to see what is in the bags of your alts.

JPack:  This nifty little addon lets you sort your bags by item level.  It will also combine items for you from your bags to your bank (i.e. 5 pieces of Embersilk Cloth in your bag will stack on the 10 pieces you have in your bank).

LootFilter:  This addon will filter items from your bags as you loot corpses.  You can set it to trash all greys, all common, even uncommon loot.  A word to the wise, a lot of grey endgame loot is worth something if only just 1 gold at the vendor.  So you can set it to trash any grey items worth less than say 50 silver or whatever threshold you’d like to set.  The great thing about it is that you can enable auto loot without worrying about filling your bags to the brim.

Postal:  Once again, fewer clicks make me happy.  And this little guy makes me very happy with one click mail check!  You can also configure it to only open certain mail that you specify and to only open mail until you have x number of spaces left in your bags.

Interface and other addons:

_NPCScan:  This is a great little addon to find rare spawns that drop valuable items, or if you have a hunter who likes to have rare spawn pets.  It’s also incredibly easy to add other NPC’s to the already expansive list, like say Lil Timmy if you’re Alliance and want to buy that White Kitten that easily sells for 250+ gold.

Addon Control Panel:  This is a great addon for turning your addons on and off without having to log out.

Altoholic:  This addon will allow you to look at all of your alts’ inventory, currency, reputation and more.  Just be warned, it’s a memory hog.

Bartender4:  A great addon for customizing your action bars and hotkeys.

CtA_Hawk:  This is a great addon if you’re at the end game and want to maximize the number of Satchels of Exotic Mysteries.

Deadly Boss Mods:  A must have for anyone doing dungeons or raiding.

HealBot:  By healers for healers.  Healing made easy.  Think of this as the Staples “easy” button for healers.

MogIt:  For those fashionistas out there looking for that perfect helm to go with those new boots you got.

Omen:  A threat meter to keep you from aggro-ing and keep you alive, or keep you effective if you’re the tank.

Rating Buster:  This takes the guess work out of which piece of gear is better for you.

Sexy Map:  My map is sexy and I know it.  A simple minimap reconfiguration tool.

Skada:  A damage meter much like Recount, only it doesn’t use as much memory.

Wow!  I know that’s a lot of addons.  These are the main ones I like to use.  What about you?  Are there some that I missed?  Feel free to leave your suggested addons in the comment section below.

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