Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's make sweet, sweet profit together

A little bit about Candlefly’s Gold Adventures

Who am I?

Welcome, friend!  I’m Candlefly!  My user decided to create me for the Mists of Pandaria Launch.  He wanted to start fresh and put what he knows (or dosen’t know) to the test.  He had been playing World of Warcraft since the Burning Crusade expansion on private servers (Amateur!).  He finally went legit when Wrath of the Lich King came out and a friend convinced him that legit was better than private servers.  My user finally wised up!  He created some lame Blood Elf Paladin that he leveled to 80 during Wrath (Who could blame him?  Goblins weren’t playable then).  When Cata came out, my user’s friend quit because of Druid HoTs getting nerfed, he switched realms and factions and leveled another Paladin from scratch up to level 85.  He started a few alts and finally found that there is so much more to WoW than Paladins.
What’s the Goal?

Through leveling without the aid of experienced friends, my user learned a little bit about playing the auction house and started aiming for the Gold Cap.  He had not hit the Gold Cap when the announcement for the MoP release date came out and that was when he got the bright idea to start fresh again.

So, here I am, a brand new toon in a brand new expansion trying to make it to the top.  At first, my user thought he would put me on a brand new server too (or at least a Low Pop server), but after reading some posts on how dead new servers were, he wised up and decided I would go on a server that was open to new players.  (Hm… interesting.  Here’s a little fact he didn’t know before doing some research… You know those realm suggestions that says “New Players?”  That doesn’t mean that there are only new players on that server.  In fact, Vashj has been around since 2006 according to WoWWiki and is currently (as of Aug 2012) advertising “New Players.”  Vashj is also listed as a High Pop realm.)

What’s in it for you?

I got what you need!  Here at Candlefly’s Gold Adventures I want you to learn from my success and failures.  I will be regularly posting articles on things that work for me, like how to get your “WoW welfare check” during Darkmoon Faire, and things that don’t work so well for me, like how Draenic Silk Robes may not be a great investment for resell to Transmoggers.

So, come back soon and learn from my adventures and misadventures as a Goblin just tryin to make some Gold.  Heh, heh, Glad I could help!

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