Monday, January 28, 2013

20 Days of Gold Making: Day 1

When did you start gold making & what triggered it?

Well, you could say I kinda started gold making back in vanilla but that was on illegit private servers and their mechanics weren’t the same as the real thing. I went legit when the Wrath of the Lich King came out. Basically, my good friend, Jamo, held an intervention and said that I was destroying the core of the Earth and supporting Martian terrorists by playing on private servers and convinced me to go legit. I’m glad he did because legit WoW is so much more fun than those busted private servers.

Anyway, when I crossed over to the light, Jamo had a ton of money and I didn’t really have anything. I tried the mechanics I had learned in private servers and the Kobolds in Echo Ridge Mine laughed at me. I asked Jamo’s advice and he told me to concentrate on leveling and then do my dailies for money. That may have been decent advice for a casual player in WotLK, but I wasn’t happy with it.

Then, in end game PvP, I learned that there was a bigger need for gold than I thought in order to get higher level non-raid PvP gear. I think this was what really triggered my gold making craze. So much so that I basically abandoned anything not related to gold making, including PvP which was the main reason I started gold making.

At first, I just started out by reading anything I could related to gold making. Sites like Cold’s Gold Factory, Just My Two Copper, and Power Word: Gold became my CTRL+D sites. By the end of Cataclysm, I thought I had my feet under me well enough to start my own blog and when Mists of Pandaria released, Candlefly’s Gold Adventures opened its doors.

Unlike other gold making sites, Candlefly’s Gold Adventures is geared towards showing what works AS WELL AS what doesn’t work (for me at least). Unfortunately, I’ve been remiss in posting for the past few months because I’ve been pretty much out of ideas. I’d like to throw out a HUGE shout out to Nev from Auction House Addict for posting this meme and giving the gold making community something to write about again.

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