Monday, January 28, 2013

End Indentured Servitude Now!

Just reading up on the latest blue notes regarding Patch 5.2.
 I think it’ll be interesting to see how the “buy the farm” system works in the new Patch.  For those of you already working your farm, it may be a good time to start stockpiling your wares.  If you’re not working the farm yet, I highly suggest that you at least start the questline to get your farm started.
 I’m excited to see which factions you can get work orders from.  The money possibilities are here if there are issuing factions that also sell BoE items and rare pets.  Anyone on PTR seen this yet?  Maybe this is a good reason for me to start checking out the PTR.
 Another exciting addition is Battle-Stones dropping from PvP Pet Battles.  I’ve seen these going for as much as 10k on my server and I can’t wait to have more opportunities to pick these up and make some bank.  Also, the possibility of picking up a Lesser Charm of Good Fortune from pet battles is another opportunity for more gold.  So, train up your best team now to start racking those babies up.
 Unfortunately for those of you who use the “flee ‘til it’s rare” method of pet gathering, this will now inflict damage to your pet team.  I can’t say that I’m stoked about that, but it’s a minor inconvenience for my pet battle strategy and doesn’t impact my gold making at all.
 For those of you in the Transmog market- I gave this up because I got tired of the endless reposts and felt it was costing more to post than I was making- you’ll have a bigger market as now Two-Handers can be Transmog’d to each other, same for One-Handers and Staves to Polearms.
 This brings me to crafting.  Blacksmiths listen up!  There are some pretty cool looking weapons available for the Lightning Forge.  Ghost Iron Bars (for Lightning Steel Ingot) and Living Steel is a major component for almost everything.  So stock up now!  Oh by the way, some of these are BoE & ilvl 463+.  For you Engineers out there, there’s finally a legit item to sell.  Meet Pierre!  Pierre is a pet that resembles a pot-bellied stove and functions as a campfire.  Since he functions as a campfire, there’s reason to believe that he will give the campfire’s standard Spirit buff which will make him a high demand pet for casters.  The only uncertainty is whether he’ll be cageable since he’s currently BoP.  Lastly, for you Scribes in the audience, there’s another opportunity to increase your ever expanding purse of jingling coins with the new glyphs being introduced in this patch (too many to name here and now).
 If you’ve been playing on the PTR and have something to contribute regarding these new money-makers, I’d love to have your input.  Until then, I guess I’ll have to split my gameplay to get the inside scoop on 5.2.  Expect an edit/update when I have further info.
 When in doubt, C4…

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  1. Desperate to get my hands on Pierre! Stockpiling as we speak. I'm really excited for the charms and stones from pet battles too, really can't wait for 5.2!